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What is the antidote for morphine?

The antidote for morphine, and most other opioids, is a medication called naloxone, or Narcan. It blocks opioid receptors, blocking the effect of morphine, heroin, or any othe (MORE)
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What is antidotal evidence?

A grammatical mistake. It is meant to say "anecdotal evidence" which is evidence that may be true but could be unreliable and may or may not lead to the desired conclusion. It (MORE)
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What is the antidote to warfarin?

Reversal can be achieved by stopping warfarin or administration of vitamin K, fresh frozen plasma or coagulation factor concentrates such as prothrombin complex concentrate (P (MORE)
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What is the antidote for plavix?

There isn't one. Once the platelets have been affected by Plavix, the anti clotting abilty of those platelets is permanently altered. However, new platelets are replaced every (MORE)
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What is the antidote for prednisolone?

My sister was given Prednisole and augmentin tabs for the treatment of rhematoid arthritis, she responded well but started developing swelling of the face and neck which gradu (MORE)

What is cyanide antidotes?

Don't try to treat it yourself. Get the patient to a hospitalquickly. If you have no choice ... the liver is capable of metabolizingsmall amounts of cyanide fairly quickly, so (MORE)