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What is the antidote for morphine?

  The antidote for morphine, and most other opioids, is a medication called naloxone, or Narcan. It blocks opioid receptors, blocking the effect of morphine, heroin, or an (MORE)
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What is antidotal evidence?

  A grammatical mistake. It is meant to say "anecdotal evidence" which is evidence that may be true but could be unreliable and may or may not lead to the desired conclusi (MORE)
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What is the antidote for plavix?

  There isn't one. Once the platelets have been affected by Plavix, the anti clotting abilty of those platelets is permanently altered. However, new platelets are replaced (MORE)
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What is the antidote to warfarin?

  Reversal can be achieved by stopping warfarin or administration of vitamin K, fresh frozen plasma or coagulation factor concentrates such as prothrombin complex concentr (MORE)
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What is the antidote for codeine?

The only antidote for codeine is time, unless it was an overdose. Then the antidote is the emergency room.
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What is the antidote for Valium?

  The antidote for vallium is flumazenil, a specific benzodiazepine antagonist, which is used in patients with unexplained coma in emergency rooms.

What is the antidote for cyanide?

Cyanide poisoning occurs because cyanide inhibits the enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, which is one of the enzymes that enable cells to use oxygen. Antidotes for cyanide poisoning (MORE)
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What is an antidote for heparin?

Protamine sulfate is an antidote for heparin. It is taken when  heparin toxicity has been discovered in patients and removes the  anticoagulant effects of the drug.   pr (MORE)

What is a synonym for antidote?

  Definition:   |   counteracting agent   /   Synonyms:   |   antitoxin, antivenin, corrective, counteractant,counteragent, countermeasure, counter (MORE)