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What is the battle of Antietam?

The Battle of Antietam was a battle during the Civil War. It wasabout 6 hours long with 23,000 casualties. About 7,000 of thosedied and the rest were wounded or missing. The b (MORE)

Importance of Antietam?

The importance of The Battle of Antietam was for General Lee to advance into Northern territory and to turn the tide of the war in favor of the Confederacy.

What is Antietam?

\nBattle in the U.S civil war which was fought on September 17, 1862, also known as Battle of Sharpsburg particulary in the south.

What was the importance of antietam?

It was a Union win that prevented Lee from invading Pennsylvania. This was crucial, because the British were considering sending aid to the South, and were treating this camp (MORE)

What was important about Antietam?

This Northern win, following a string of Confederate victories, caused the British to lose interest in granting recognition to the Confederacy and sending military aid. It als (MORE)

When was the battle at Antietam?

Antietam, or Sharpesburg, was fought on September 17th,1862. It was a battle that stopped Lee's first invasion of the north in Maryland. Part of Lee's army was detached on oth (MORE)

Who was the victor at Antietam?

The Union Army of the Potomac commanded by Major General George B. McClellan won the battle along Antietam Creek.
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What was the outcome to Antietam?

it was clear that no one won the battle and was the bloodiest one day battle in American history because 23,000 casualties and 4,000 dead
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What is the Antietam battle about?

It was Lee's first attempt to invade the North, and threaten Washington DC. The Union, under McLellan, gained an advantage by procuring a set of Lee's orders, with details of (MORE)