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What was the importance of antietam?

It was a Union win that prevented Lee from invading Pennsylvania. This was crucial, because the British were considering sending aid to the South, and were treating this campa (MORE)

Importance of Antietam?

  The importance of The Battle of Antietam was for General Lee to advance into Northern territory and to turn the tide of the war in favor of the Confederacy.

What was the Battle of Antietam?

The conclusion reached at the end of the previous noted below is  not accurate. France and England continued to supply the South with  weapons, ships and loans. The Confeder (MORE)

What is the battle of Antietam?

The Battle of Antietam was the most bloodiest wars. Also it was only 6hr. long with 23,000 deaths.
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Location of Antietam?

The 1862 Civil War battle known as the Battle of Antietam (or the  Battle of Sharpsburg) took place near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and  around Antietam Creek. This area is found (MORE)

Was Gettysburg or Antietam a deadlier battle?

Antietam is the deadliest single day battle in the history of the  United States. Gettysburg was deadlier but over the span of three  days.
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Who was the victor of the battle Antietam?

Though the battle ended with a virtual stalemate, McClellan claimed to be the Victor, because Lee retreated from the battlefield and recrossed the Potomac. Anyway the encounte (MORE)