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What is an antigen?

Antigen refers to any foreign substance which on entering the body  stimulates the production of antibodies in the body of the  individual as a part of the immune response. (MORE)

Is H1N1 an antigen?

Yes, anything that triggers your immune system to have a response would be considered an antigen. H1N1 is a virus that causes influenza, and the detection of the presence of t (MORE)
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Why is an antigen important?

Antigens are important because they trigger responses to pathogens by the immune system. Without them, no prevention against pathogens would take place.

What are auto antigens?

An autoantigen is usually a normal protein or complex of proteins (and sometimes DNA or RNA) that is recognized by the immune system of patients suffering from a specific auto (MORE)
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How does antigens work?

An antigen is a substance or molecule that, when introduced into the body, triggers the production of an antibody by the immune system, which will then kill or neutralize the (MORE)

What are the characteristic of antigen?

1. they determined by precursor substances which acted upon by the H-gene converted to h- substances. 2. they are found on the red blood cell in an in soluble stage. 3. most (MORE)

What is rhesus antigens?

They are a type of antigen that some people carry on their red  blood cells. They are called "rhesus" because they were initially  identified and studied on the red blood ce (MORE)