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Why do penicillin have a better therapeutic index than other antimicrobial?

Yes these are the antibiotics which have the highest therapeutic index.. That too penicillin is exceptionally high... The only side effect which is considered significant from (MORE)

Is zinc oxide antimicrobial?

  ZnO (Sigma Aldrich 99.999%) was found to posses antimicrobial activties against Escherichia coli (29522) and Staphylococcus aureus (29523), however ZnO indicated no acti (MORE)

What are the body's antimicrobial substances and describe their functions?

1. Interferons: - anti-viral proteins, "interfere" with viral replication - virus infected cells release interferons and help nearby cells take defensive action - also combat (MORE)
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What is the different between antibiotic and antimicrobial?

Antibiotics are only those substances that are produced by a microorganism that can kill or prevent the growth of another microorganism. The term 'antibiotic' is commonly used (MORE)

What are important characteristics of antimicrobial drugs?

Chemicals that can selectively interfere with the growth of  microorganisms and yet not interfere significantly with the  functions of the cells of the host are highly desir (MORE)

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What are antimicrobial agents?

Antimicrobial agents are compounds that inhibit or kill microbes or microorganims, e.g bacteria and fungi. Antimicrobial agents can be chemicals or biological in compostion. C (MORE)

What are some examples of antimicrobial agents?

Antibacterial are agents used to disinfect surfaces thereby  eliminating potentially harmful bacteria. Common agents are  alcohols, chlorine, peroxides, and aldehydes. Also, (MORE)