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How do you start an IV?

Its a long process that takes a skilled professional do not do if you are not trained. 1. remove all items that will be used 2. fill the drip chamber half way 3. insert (MORE)

Why did many of the Jews in Judea rebel against Antiochus Epiphanes?

He tried to replace the Jewish high priest, Jason, with Menelaus,  who offered to collect higher taxes from the Judean Jews for  Antiochus.    Answer:   The Seleu (MORE)

In what ways did King Antiochus Epiphanes persecute Jews in Jerusalem?

From Wikipedia (     While Antiochus was busy in Egypt, a false rum (MORE)

Why did antiochus call himself epiphanes?

"Epiphanes" is Greek, and means "god manifest." Like a number of earlier kings, he deified himself out of overweening pride and arrogance.
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Why was Antiochus Epiphanes hated by the Jews?

Antiochus was a Greek leader who became ruler of Israel. So, there was both Greek and Jewish culture there. He wished to conquer Egypt, but before he could do so, he had to st (MORE)

What is iv?

  In roman numerals: 4 In medicine: Intravenous - into the vein.
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