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How do you use the word antipathy in a sentence?

(Definition of antipathy: dislike, hostility) Examples : I have a marked antipathy for people who are too lazy to do their own schoolwork. He was known for his antipath (MORE)

What did Alice in Wonderland mean when she said 'antipathies'?

When Alice said 'antipathies' she meant 'antipodes'. . During Alice's fall down the rabbit hole, she wonders if she might fall right through the Earth and come out on the oth (MORE)
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Is the antipathy real?

Well, sort of. What I mean by that is, the antipathy worked for me, and I received £45 in total, and I found the money, as stated in the original notepad document, in a gap (MORE)
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What are some synomyms for the word 'antipathy'?

Antipathy means a strong feeling of dislike or hatred. Synonyms include aversion, repugnance, distaste, animosity, antagonism, enmity, hostility and repulsion.