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What is an antique?

An antique is an object having a special value because of its age,like domestic item or a piece of furniture or handicraft esteemedfor its artistry, beauty, or period of origi (MORE)
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Where do you buy antiques?

There are many places... auctions, garage sales, retail stores etc. Or if just want to be at home relaxing and buying antiques,you can go to the online antique mall,there you (MORE)
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How old is an antique?

Antiques are generally items at least 50 to 70 years, which wereconstructed during an earlier set of manufacturing processes.Typically they are items no longer being produced (MORE)
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How do you antique paper?

wash in warm water to remove size then with cold tea, dry on a sheet of glass
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What is a antiquate?

Antiquate has many definitions including; . To make old-fashioned by replacing by something better. . To design or create causing to appear antique.
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What is the abbreviation of antique?

Commonly in the world of furniture, home accessories etc the standard abbreviation for antique is A/Q or AQ.
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What are the delicacies of antique?

Theirs a lot of Native Food in Antique: Suman Malagkit Banana Chips Piaya Binayo (limugo) Huwad-Huwad Manok with Ubad ng Saging(yummmy) Etch......
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What Antiques roadshow?

Antiques Roadshow is a show here a group of antique experts got o any random place and people come to get their antiques 'evaluated'. What its worth and whatnot.
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What is antique gold?

Well, antique gold metal come in different color or design it is much better indentifed pure solid color white gold that you know come before 1920's and you can see the differ (MORE)
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What is the value of a antique?

It depends on how old it is. If there is an object from, for example, 1717, it can cost thousands, sometimes even millions. The older an antique is, the better.