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What is redemptive antisemitism?

The term redemptive antisemitism is not widely used. It  refers to the false ideology that ascribes all the world's problems  to an imaginary international Jewish conspiracy (MORE)

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How is Holocaust denial antisemitic?

Jews claim that any person who questions their faith, or denies Holocaust accounts is a racist because they interpret it as a direct attack on their people and history.   (MORE)

What were Adolf Hitler's reasons for supporting antisemitism?

At the end of - and after - World War 1 there were all kinds of conspiracy theories circulating in Germany as 'explanations' for Germany's defeat. One of the most popular was (MORE)

Was antisemitism the precondition for the Holocaust?

Yes. Without long-standing prejudices against the Jews it would have been virtually impossible to demonize them in way that the Nazis did and to try to exterminate them. From (MORE)

How did Hitler become antisemitic?

This is a difficult question. The first answer is that Hitler was unhappy, and needed someone to blame for his misfortune. Then he met and discussed with people that had read (MORE)

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Why did antisemitism develop under Stalin's rule?

Anti-semitism flourished in Russia long before Stalin took command  of the Soviet Union. The pogroms of the 1880s led to the massive  emigration of Jews to western Europe an (MORE)