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Is spirit an antiseptic?

  The term "spirits" can refer to ethanol or beverages containing ethanol, and yes, ethanol is an antiseptic.
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Who invented Antiseptic?

  No-one knows. There are records dating from Athens and from ancient Egypt that speak of people applying moldy bread to wounds (which may actually be taking advantage of (MORE)

Where were antiseptics invented?

  I don't think in any one place. Many plants for example have anti septic properties and have been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples. ~Street Pharmacist

What is antiseptic lotion?

A lotion that you use to wash your nose or ears with after you got a piercing... antiseptic lotion is what is recommended by professionals and is better to be used after getti (MORE)

How is tar an antiseptic?

Yes, coal tar and pine tar have been used for over 100 years in  soaps and shampoos for its antiseptic properties. An antiseptic can  be either a germicide or a bacteriostat (MORE)
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What are anesthetics and antiseptics?

Anaesthetics are chemicals that makes a patient go unconscious and/or feel no pain. Antiseptics are chemicals that are used to make certain areas, tools and items in a hospi (MORE)
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What are uses of antiseptics?

Their uses include cleansing of skin and wound surfaces after injury, preparation of skin surfaces prior to injections or surgical procedures, and routine disinfection of the (MORE)