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What are anesthetics and antiseptics?

Anaesthetics are chemicals that makes a patient go unconscious and/or feel no pain. Antiseptics are chemicals that are used to make certain areas, tools and items in a hospi (MORE)

Which antiseptic is made from seaweed?

  Sea kelp is a form of seaweed. As it grows, it takes iodine out of seawater. Over time, sea kelp has a much higher concentration of iodine than seawater. Sea kelp is har (MORE)

Can you use antiseptic for your ear piercing?

You shouldn't use peroxide or any type of alcohol on any piercing. They both kill everything that's helping your piercing heal and therefore delay healing time. You can use re (MORE)

How does antiseptic cream work?

I think that they work the same way as injections but I'm not sure? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

What Is Antiseptic cream?

Antiseptic means it kills bacteria that cause infections. It is usually used on wounds to prevent infection and aid in healing. Neosporin is an Antiseptic cream.
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Is spirit an antiseptic?

  The term "spirits" can refer to ethanol or beverages containing ethanol, and yes, ethanol is an antiseptic.
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How do rubbing alcohol used as antiseptic?

Rubbing alcohol comes in a few varieties but all can be simply wiped on a surface, or on the skin, to kill bacteria. 70% isopropanol (isopropal alcohol) is the main ingredient (MORE)