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Who is archbishop Martin pius kelly?

+Archbishop Dr, Martin Pius Kelly D.D. is a Tridentine Catholic leader of the order of saint peter, carlow Ireland. he is a exorcist, Singer Song writer, Award wining Poet an (MORE)

Who is Pope Pius IX?

He was the last pope who reigned over the Papal States, a large piece of central and northern Italy which the Popes got in 753/754 by probably the largest scam in history. Pi (MORE)
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What is Pope Pius X famous for?

His Holiness Pope Saint Pius X was predominately famous for several things: 1) Crushing the heresy of Modernism 2) Reforming the Roman Breviary in general and the Psalter (MORE)

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How did Antoninus Pius die?

Antoninus Pius died of old age. He was 70 and could not walk upright without a corset. One evening he ate heartily at dinner and at night he vomited. He summoned a council in (MORE)

Is pius xll school haunted?

I assume you mean Pius X. Pius X was a Pope who was also canonized, so technically this would be Saint Pius X. He was the most recent Pope to be given the Saintly honor. Okay (MORE)

Who is Professor Pius N Okeke?

Prof. P.N. Okeke (Pius Nwankwo Okeke) is a distinguished Professor of Physics in Nigeria, the Current President of African Astronomical Society, Director Centre for Basic Spac (MORE)

What were some of Antoninus Pius failures?

It can quite difficult to identify failures in Antoninus Pius’   rule. It is a matter of opinion (see last paragraph). He usually seen one of the best   rulers Rome (MORE)

Why is Antoninus Pius a good emperor?

Antoninus Pius introduced into Roman law the principles that the accused was not to be treated as guilty before a trial and that a trial had to be held in the place where the (MORE)