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Who was antonio?

antonio was the hero of the play,he lend money for bassanio from  the jew shylok who was the villan of merchant of venice,antonio was  a good person with some bad quality,ov (MORE)

What is a data mart?

In the data warehouse, the access layer is a data mart. Data marts  are subsets that are used for a specific department.
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Where does a Colles fracture happen?

A Colles fracture happens when you fall backwards and put your weight on your wrist and the radious is broken.
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How do you get to the poke mart?

there is one in almost every town. it has a blue roof Cianwood City in Johto has a pharmacy instead of poke mart Mahogany Town in Johto has a Souvenir shop instead of a poke (MORE)
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What are the apparel marts?

These marts house showrooms in which manufacturers display their lines, and buyers and sellers converge at these marts to conduct the business of selling clothes.
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