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Was salieri married?

yes, He got married with a german woman:María Teresa Helferstorfer , in 1775, in Viena , and had 8 sons. People however, said that he had a lover: the soprano He also lived (MORE)

Who is Antonio Salieri to Mozart.?

During Mozart's lifetime Antonio Salieri was director of the Imperial Opera in Vienna. That being the case, Maestro Salieri is the person Mozart would have dealt with when pro (MORE)

How did antonio salieri die?

He admitted himself into a hospital for chronic care after injuring himself in a fall at the age of 72. He died of old age presumably.
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Why did salieri envy Mozart?

Salieri envied mozart because he wanted to show his faith and love in God through music. Salieri became very attached to music and it became a part of him. After Salieri moved (MORE)

Did Antonio Salieri kill Mozart?

According to most music historians today, no.Yes that is true i also personally think no because Antonio was going crazy in his mind but he admitted to killing Mozart but like (MORE)

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