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Who is Beaumont named after?

  Answer   As early as 1824, Noah Tevis settled Tevis Bluff, with visions of establishing a town there. David Brown had similar plans with a town called Santa Anna. (MORE)

What is the closest airport to Beaumont TX?

The closest major airport to Beaumont, Texas is Southeast Texas Regional Airport (BPT / KBPT). This airport is about 11 miles from the center of Beaumont,
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Did Hugh Beaumont smoke?

  I think it is safe to say that he did. On an episode of Leave it to Beaver, second season in the episode "The Bus Ride" you can see a pack of cigs in Mr. Cleavers shirt (MORE)

Marc Antony- who was he?

Antony was a daring general in the army of who rose to become one of Caesar's closest colleagues. After Caesar was (MORE)

What does Antony do with the conspirators?

Antony does several things to the conspirators. After they kill Caesar he shakes their blood-soaked hands as if joining them. Then he turns against them by reading Caesars wil (MORE)