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What is the main conflict of finding fish by antwone fisher?

The main conflict of "Finding Fish" by Antwone Fisher is finding  his identity. Antwone Fisher grew up in an abusive foster home, and  never knew any members of his birth fa (MORE)

What do fishers eat?

 Fishers eat hares, rabbits, squirrels, mice, shrews, porcupines and sometimes other domestic animals. If food supply is low, they may eat berries and nuts. Fishers are know (MORE)

Who was Orpheus Fisher?

Orpheus Hodge "King" Fisher was born July 11, 1899 in Chester Pa. His parents were George Albert Fisher and Pauline Conklin, both originally from Baltimore, Maryland. On Jul (MORE)
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What does antwon mean?

it means that he is a likeable person   and deseves the utmost respect.   also he is something of GOD AS WELL IN EGYPT

What are fisher cats?

    FISHER     order: CARNIVORA family: MUSTELIDAE genus: MARTES species: pennanti   The Fisher is a medium size member of the mustelid family often co (MORE)

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