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What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety is anxiety (emotional discomfort, fear, apprehension, or worry) about social situations or interactions with others that involve a concern about being judged o (MORE)

Why do you get anxiety attacks?

While it is perfectly undersandable that in some situations we feel anxiety about something dangerous, too much anxiety is a symptom of mental illness, quite possibly a bi-pol (MORE)

Why do you get anxiety?

  Typically, it is because you were genetically predisposed for it. It's caused by an imbalance in your biological system, causing your nervous system to react too frequen (MORE)

What can anxiety can do to you?

Anxiety can do these following things to you:  -Make you feel emotional, depressive, worried, angry, useless and weak.  -Makes your whole body tense.  -Carrys on and gets w (MORE)

How do you get anxiety?

Everyone has some degree of anxiety with lifes struggles. When anxiety negatively effects your life - then you have an illness. There are medications that can reduce anxiety w (MORE)

What does anxiety do?

normal anxiety is a natural emotion or feeling that everybody gets. its kind of like a nutural response to something bad. i can explain as the feeling you get just before you (MORE)

Do you have anxiety help?

yes. i have had anxiety disorders roughly 5 times in my life. and am currently going through it again. but because ive had this before i know what to expect. i asume you proba (MORE)

What is freuds realistic anxiety moral anxiety and neurotic anxiety?

Neurotic anxiety is a type of anxiety that the object doesn't exist. i.e: your professor is a cold one, without smile, and suddenly you feel that he is angry toward you, and (MORE)

What do you do if you have anxiety?

You could try deep breathing through you nose and mouth, you could try St. John's Wort (a herb sold at Wal Mart), you could try 5 HTP (a supplement sold at Wal Mart). There ar (MORE)