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Can anxiety disorders turn to Schizophrenia?

No. Anxiety and schizophrenia are two different disorders. Anxiety is neurotic, and schizophrenia is psychotic. Although at times anxiety in severe cases can lead to losing to (MORE)

What is anxiety disorder?

Anxiety disorder is a chronic condition characterized by an excessive and persistent sense of apprehension, with physical symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, and feelin (MORE)

What distinguishes anxiety disorders from ordinary anxiety?

Generalized anxiety disorder, and other anxiety disorders, are difficult to define and there is no clear consensus among psychologists about how to define or diagnose them. (MORE)

I think I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder what do I do?

I think I have it too. I'm 13 and I've told my mom and showed her that I have all the symptoms. She won't believe me. But on the internet it says that you can go to the doctor (MORE)