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What is a sentence using the word anxious?

There were some anxious moments as they awaited the test results. He was anxious to see if his name was chosen for the project. Parents can be very anxious on their child' (MORE)

What is anxious scrutiny?

'Anxious scrutiny' is an established doctrine, which brings a 'hard-look approach' to cases. It is a rigorous examination, used in cases which relate to the most fundamental h (MORE)

What does anxious mean?

Just think of it like this: After a test you might feel "anxious" because you think that you did bad on it. (You kind of feel jumping and nervous.) Anxious can mean restless, (MORE)

Whats the difference between anxious and nervous?

  If you are nervous, you cannot relax because you are worried about something that you have to do   • I was nervous about my job interview.   • He sounded reall (MORE)

Why is this girl so anxious around you?

she is probably anxious because she really likes you. sometimes us girls get really nervous or excited when we are around someone we like. it doesn't matter if your just frien (MORE)

How to become less anxious?

i have regular panic attacks and i have had an awful experience for many years due to my anxiety. I find that drinking chamomile tea at least twice a day then it really helps. (MORE)

How do you sedate an anxious dog?

Very carefully, as an anxious dog is more likely to bite anyone approaching it. There are several injectable sedatives that can be given into any large muscle and your veterin (MORE)