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Why was the USS Conecuh AOR 110 decommission in 1956?

  As I understood it, the problem was that the boilers needed replacement.   In order to match the performance of the German boilers, we would have   to install Crui (MORE)

Frequency satellite inmarsat aorw AORE POR IOR?

  AORW = Atlantic Oceanic Region West AORE = Atlantic Oceanic Region East POR = Pacific Oceanic Region IOR = Indian Oceanic Region These abbreviations refer to Inm (MORE)

Hoaw aor yao thoire soannaye?

iam goad hoaw aore yuo?   iom porefact. beatoar thoan eavor   whaiy ias thayt?   oi joist gaot a nowe pouppey!   thayt's rewalley cooal!   ia knoaw! hois nayme (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Anne Aor been in?

Anne Aor has: Performed in "Le plumard en folie" in 1974. Played Charlotte Chatton in "Les vacanciers" in 1974. Played Claude in "Trois de coeur" in 1976. Performed in "Premie (MORE)
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What is second fleet aor?

The western portion of the Atlantic Ocean, from the North Pole to  the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico
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