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What genus is the ape?

There is no specific genus that refers to all apes. Apes belong to Superfamily Hominoidea. Within Hominoidea, there are eight extant genera, four of which belong to Lesser Ape (MORE)

What does 'AP' stand for in AP classes?

  AP classes mean Advanced Placement classes, which are more difficult than regular classes, but also count for more. If you take them in high school, you have the option (MORE)
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What do apes eat?

Apes generally eat fruit, plants, nuts, insects, and some small animals. They sometimes kill other monkeys for meat to eat, but most apes will not eat anther ape, only smaller (MORE)

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What is AP?

AP stands for Advanced Placement, and is a branch of the College Board franchise (same corporation that does SAT, etc.). AP Classes are college level classes that high school (MORE)
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What is an ape?

Answer:   An ape is any member of the Hominoidea superfamily of primates. Apes are divided into two groups, lesser apes and great apes. Humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and (MORE)

What does the AP in AP Calculus stand for?

AP stands for Advanced Placement, which means college-level. With the completion of an AP class, you take the College Board AP exam and, depending on your scores, you may rece (MORE)