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What is Apache Server?

Apache Web Server is the most popular web server software on the internet. It is available for all major operating systems, and supports most application frameworks (except fo (MORE)

What is apache?

Software: Apache is a web server software. It can make your computer a web server. The meaning of the word "apache": It's a term for several culturally related groups of na (MORE)

What were the beliefs of the Apaches?

They believed in many spirit beings. Usen, the Giver of Life, the most powerful of them all. The Gans, or Mountain Spirits, were especially important in Apache ceremonies. Mal (MORE)

Who are apache?

The Apache were various Native American tribes in North America.Members of this tribe speak a form of the Athabaskan language.

What is the Apaches location?

My tribe, (Lipan Apache) were rooted in the West Texas , New Mexico, and Mexico area's before the trail of tears, and reservations. Some moved into the mountains others were p (MORE)
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What does the Apache Axis2 do?

What is the Apache Axis2 and what does it do? The Apache Axis2 is a re-designed core engine that replaced the Apache Axis Soap. The updated version can help you design a web s (MORE)