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What is apache?

Software: Apache is a web server software. It can make your computer a web server. The meaning of the word "apache": It's a term for several culturally related groups of na (MORE)

Who are apache?

The Apache were various Native American tribes in North America.Members of this tribe speak a form of the Athabaskan language.

What are the Apache clans?

Here are some Western Apache clans (Cibecue, San Carlos, Tonto, & White Mountain Apache tribes): Bee iłsóhn 'made Yellow People' Biszáhé or Biszáh (MORE)

What is an Apache Chronicle?

A book about the Destruction Of The Apache Nation -about the customs and ways of the people and the diversities within the tribes of the Apache group. it shows what the Indian (MORE)

When was the Apache invented?

Boeing's AH 64 Apache first flew in 1975 and went through many tests and modifications before entering US Army service in 1986.