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What are aphrodisiac foods?

  Aniseed       Asparagus       Almond       Arugula       Asafetida       Avocado       Bananas    (MORE)

Is avocado an aphrodisiac?

Avocado is a Fruit. And Yes the reputation of being an aphrodisiac is true. Well, it started 200 B.C. when the Mayans and the Aztecs eat them to enhance sexual desirability. T (MORE)
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Are olives an aphrodisiac?

  I doubt it, these days I use a lot more ollive oil then I used too and I don't feel hornier now than i used too
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What foods are aphrodisiacs?

Whether they actually work or not is in question, these are some of the foods/ingestibles commonly considered aphrodisiacs: oysters, chocolate, ginseng, rhino horn, tiger peni (MORE)
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Is mango an aphrodisiac?

According to several websites mango is in fact an aphrodisiac and has been prescribed for centuries to increase virility.
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Is pepper an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac food are food that are believed to stimulate your sex drive and increase sexual performance. Pepper, a "hot" food, does indeed belong to such category as it stimul (MORE)

Why politic is aphrodisiac?

A strange question. Politics is usually equated with power: decision making, social standing, access to equally powerful, well educated people, the finest dinners, the best wi (MORE)
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What types of aphrodisiacs are there?

There are a wide range of foods that have been considered to be aphrodisiacs. Some of the foods that fall in this category are strawberries, oysters, chocolate, avocado, almo (MORE)