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How many books are there in the Apocrypha?

How many books depends on what religion you choose to follow or put faith in. It also depends on which reference to Apocypha you are inquiring about. To some, it encompasses a (MORE)

What is the Apocrypha Bible?

The Apocrypha is also known as the "lost books of the bible" they were books that according to King James did not have authenticity and could not be proven as the inspired wor (MORE)

Why did the council of Ephesus reject the Apocrypha?

Actually there were 3 councils of Ephesus over the years 431 to 475, and the two later councils seemed to spend their time rejecting the deliberations of the earlier councils (MORE)

What part of speech is apocrypha?

The word apocrypha is a noun. Apocrypha are writings believed by Christians to be authentic parts of the Holy Scriptures but are rejected by some others.
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What bibles include the Apocrypha?

The Roman Catholic Bible currently contain 7 Apocryphal Books in the O.T.. At one time they included 11 books.
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What is the plural of apocrypha?

Apocrypha refers to a group of 14 books as part of the Old Testament and is already plural. However, it is usually used with a singular verb.
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What books of the apocrypha are of Uriel?

The angel Uriel can be found in the apocryphal Second Book of Esdras. Uriel is also found in other books such as the deutorocanonical- Book of Enoch, the psuedepigraphical- Te (MORE)

Why Apocrypha is not in The Bible?

"The Apocrypha This is the name usually given to the 14 books contained in SOME BIBLES [emphasis, mine] between the Old and New Testaments. They originated in the 1st to 3rd c (MORE)