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Why Apocrypha is not in The Bible?

"The Apocrypha This is the name usually given to the 14 books contained in SOME BIBLES [emphasis, mine] between the Old and New Testaments. They originated in the 1st to 3rd c (MORE)

Which album was eminem 1st album?

This depends on your definition of album. The first source of original music by Eminem would be the 1996 Infinite album. It is the only album of Eminems that hasn't been given (MORE)

What are the names of the Apocrypha books?

Here are the Books known as 'Apocrypha' in Protestant circles: Those accepted by the Church of Rome, the Greek and Slavonic Orthodox: Tobit Judith Wisdom of Solomon Ecclesi (MORE)

How many books are there in the Apocrypha?

How many books depends on what religion you choose to follow or put faith in. It also depends on which reference to Apocypha you are inquiring about. To some, it encompasses a (MORE)

How are the books in the Apocrypha used today by both Catholics and Protestants?

  Protestants and the Apocrypha   Martin Luther, the famous reformer, translated the Apocrypha. I recall having heard that he didn't find the Apocrypha an important s (MORE)

What Beatles album is From Me To You from?

That's a REALLY good question....somewhat difficult to research. However, here's the answer: It was released only as a single in the US on VeeJay (they had the rights BEFO (MORE)

Why apocrypha is not a part of the bible?

The apocrypha is part of some biblical texts. Some of the information contained in the Apocrypha can not be justified with other biblical texts (just like the book of Ester) t (MORE)