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What does an apologetic beard mean?

In the context I found it online, it means a very thin, wispy beard, one hardly big enough to be called a beard.
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What is apologetics?

Apologetics is the study of Christian theology and philosophy. It studies how to answer the the tough questions one might have about God, the bible, or Christianity such as "W ( Full Answer )
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What does apologetic mean?

Apologetics means to defend something by use of intelligent argument. The Bible uses this word when it talks about when someone had an accusation against them (like court) the ( Full Answer )
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What counts as 'evidence' in evidential apologetics?

The evidence used in evidential apologetics is supposed to be evidence both the believer and nonbeliever share, and does not presuppose God's existence. It seems that the nonb ( Full Answer )
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In the bible who used positive apologetics?

Barnabas used positive apologetics. A positive apologist offers his or her testimony to those who are hurting. You exude sympathy, and people in crisis are drawn to you. You a ( Full Answer )
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Who are some important Christian apologetics?

There are different schools of thought regarding apologetics. The major types of Christian apologetics include: historical and legal evidential, presuppositional, philosophi ( Full Answer )
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What are the beliefs of Catholic Apologetics?

The beliefs of the Catholic Apologetics is based on the field of Christian theology which aims to provide a reasoned defense to the faith. It started with Paul the Apostle in ( Full Answer )