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Does Islam condone apostasy?

Apostasy is forbidden in Islam. All apostates, those who chose  apostasy, are the same as the unbelievers and all of them are  vulnerable to the next Muslim bombing. Most Mu (MORE)

What is apostasy?

A:   Apostasy is the formal disaffiliation from, abandonment or  renunciation of a person's former religion.
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What does the Bible say about present day apostasy?

The reason the so-church is in trouble is due to one word, apostasy. The falling away has occurred - not people leaving the 'church', but the literal meaning of falling away, (MORE)

What was the cycle of apostasy during the period of the judges?

Cycle of apostasy is the cycle of abandoning one's religious faith. During the Judges stage, God's people (Israel) were to live in a way that would bless the entire world (so (MORE)