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Was Jesus an apostate?

No. Jesus did not abandon any faith, principles, or cause even though in conflict with the leaders of the day who had corrupted the faith with their interpretations. . Mat ( Full Answer )
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Was Julian the apostate really an apostate?

Julian's ancestors were predominantly pagan until after the age of Constantine. Constantine was not a true christian, only in name, for he only did so to unite his empire und ( Full Answer )
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What is apostate killing?

I'm guessing here, but I think it is when someone who converts to a new religion is assassinated by someone from that person's previous religion, because in some places being ( Full Answer )
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What does apostalize mean?

Apostalize means "to certify, to stamp approval upon, to render official." In the U.S.A., we speak of official, certified or even notarized documents. In other parts of the wo ( Full Answer )
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How can you tell an apostate Jehovah's Witness?

Jehovah's Witnesses feel that someone has become an "apostate"if they were once a baptized member of their religion that not onlyleft the religion, but actively and purposely ( Full Answer )
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What is the Apostate Church?

"apostate" means " fallen away" so this refers to the general state in the last days of the church in general not adhering to its traditional essential beliefs.
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When people are apostate what do they worship?

A: An apostate is simply someone who leaves a religion. Former Christians who become Muslims are apostates, and they worship the same God but no longer believe that Jesus is ( Full Answer )
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What does apostate mean?

Apostate as a noun means a person who renounces a principle, political belief, or religious. As a adjective it means abandoning a principle or belief.
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Why does Islam punish the apostate by killing?

Islam admits freedom in religion for all those who are under Muslims' authority, Allah says:. "Say, "The truth is from your Lord" Then whoever wills let himbelieve, and whoe ( Full Answer )
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Is President Obama an Apostate?

No, President Obama is not an apostate. An apostate is one whoformally vows disaffiliation from, or abandonment or renunciationof a religion. President Obama never did this. H ( Full Answer )