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What is an appaloosa?

\n. \nAn Appaloosa is a horse standing from 14 -16 hands. They must be spotted or they are BS or no color. All must have molted skin, striped hoofs and white around their eye ( Full Answer )
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Where is the appaloosas habitat?

The Appaloosa breed was originally bred in the Inland northwest of America by the Nez Perce Indians.
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What are appaloosas good at?

Depends on what you train an Appy for. They can be good cow-horses, trail-riding horses, show-jumping horses, rodeo horses for bronc riding, bare-back, calf roping, barrel rac ( Full Answer )
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Why get an appaloosa?

Appaloosa's are very beautiful horses, similar to a pint ( paint horse) They are well known for their patience.
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What is the movie appaloosa about?

Buried at the center of many classic Westerns is a love story between grown men. My Darling Clementine, Rio Bravo, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are just some of the ( Full Answer )
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What do you think about appaloosas?

they are the most beautiful horses out there you might not think so but i do and when i get a horse some day that is the horse i want more than any other. Some appaloosas don' ( Full Answer )
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What is a appaloosa known for?

The breed (in general) is known for having a spotted coat, striped hooves, white sclera around the eye, and mottled skin. They are generally very gentle, intelligent, and trus ( Full Answer )
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What is the appaloosa known for?

Appys are known for their colouring. They have unique coat colourings that no others horses have.
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How fast is an appaloosa?

Most horses are only able to go 45 mph, although there have been rare cases of some going over that. I have an Appaloosa, and I would say he easily runs up to 45 mph.
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How popular are Appaloosas?

International registrations recently surged 65 percent in just one year, and in 1992 there were 526,000 registered Appaloosas in existence throughout the world. Very few of th ( Full Answer )