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Do all Appaloosas have spots?

yes, and another way to tell an appaloosa from other horses is that they have striped hooves. i personally think it's cute. :)
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How much does an Appaloosa weigh?

    Answer     According to the American Appaloosa Association, the usual weight range of an Appaloosa is from 950 to 1250 pounds, and they normally stand 14 (MORE)

How fast is an appaloosa?

Most horses are only able to go 45 mph, although there have been rare cases of some going over that. I have an Appaloosa, and I would say he easily runs up to 45 mph.
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Where does an appaloosa horse sleep?

  It sleeps in it's stall or a pasture, usually standing up but sometimes lying down.
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What country are appaloosa horses from?

The Appaloosa Horse originates from America. These colorful horses were bred by the Paloose Indians. There are 2 registries for the Appaloosa horse. The American Appaloosa Hor (MORE)