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The word apparel?

Zippy, Rad, Gnarly, and Nappy.... best darn clothing company ever. Im a big fan check um out
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What is contemporary apparel?

Contemporary apparel refers to a new trend of dress code. For example, nowadays business people dress more casually, they wear business casual shirts instead of standard appar (MORE)
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What are the apparel marts?

These marts house showrooms in which manufacturers display their lines, and buyers and sellers converge at these marts to conduct the business of selling clothes.
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What is home apparel?

Well, basically apparel means some sort of fabric that covers and decorates. So home apparel would be fabric that decorates a home. For instance bed sheets, duvets, curtains a (MORE)
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What is Danskin apparel?

"Danskin is a Woman's athletic apparel vendor. They specialize in women's tights, leotards, spandex , leggings, sports bras , dance wear , weights , and medicine balls."
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What is apparel engineer?

An apparel engineer is a person who develops, analyzes andimplements different methods to produce items of apparel. They makesure that the apparel will meet quality standards, (MORE)