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What is the apparel importer list in US?

To get the entire list on try it ................... To get the entire list, there are two totally different ways. It depends on whether you want to pay (MORE)

Difference between apparels and garments?

Apparel - usually means clothing or dress that covers or envelops    Garment - also refers to an article of outer clothing or covering    After passing this ques (MORE)

Types of packaging in apparel industry?

Different types of packaging are used in the apparel industry that  include cardboard cartons. Packaging means wrapping clothing for  shipping in some type of wrapper or con (MORE)
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What is the difference between apparel and textile?

Textile meaning everything relating to fabric: 1. Made of Fabric 2.  Relating to Fabric 3. Relating to Weaving/ Knitting 4. Fiber 5.  Yarn 6. Greige Fabric 7. Processed Fabr (MORE)
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What are the apparel marts?

These marts house showrooms in which manufacturers display their lines, and buyers and sellers converge at these marts to conduct the business of selling clothes.
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Which stores sell American Apparel?

The main place to buy American Apparel clothing would be at their stores often located inside malls or shopping centers or at the American Apparel website. Alternatively one c (MORE)
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What kinds of apparel is made by Descente?

Descente makes ski and ski accessories for use while skiing, as well as clothes for relaxed lounging afterwards and cold weather conditions in general.
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