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When Did Dinosaurs appear?

Dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic period, around 280 MYA (Million Years Ago), and died out around 65.5 MYA. They evolved from Archosaurs, or "Ruling Reptiles". It (MORE)
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Where does graffiti appear?

Graffiti appears anywhere from the streets to art galleries as a form for artistic expression. Some might call the street version vandalism but that isn't always the case. Thi (MORE)

What is the appearance of an animal?

the characteristics of an animal; the way the animal looks; fur, scales, color, shade, bone structure, are all elements in an appearance of an animal
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What is the flamingos appearance?

Flamingoes are tall wading birds with long legs, webbed feet, a long neck, a funny-shaped beak and a plumage of pink or scarlet feathers.
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What is uluru's appearance?

Uluru is actually very reddish in color. it is basically a big rock that came out of the ground. it is in the Australian Outback
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What is the appearance of Jupiter?

It appears as a bright white "star" in the sky. At higher magnification, the various colored bands (white, gray, tan, orange, and brown) include swirls and waves within the vi (MORE)
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How often does the comet appear and why does it appear when it does?

  All comets (there are over 3,500 known) have different time-scales for their appearances. These depend on the length of their orbits - some comets have extremely large (MORE)

Who will appear in brawl?

      The old characters are:   Mario, Link, Zelda, Pikachu,   Fox,   Samus,   Zelda,   Bowser,   Donkey Kong,   Peach,   Ice Climbers,  (MORE)

What are anacondas appearance?

There are many different types of appearances for an  anaconda snake. Anacondas are the largest and heaviest snakes in  the world. These snakes can grow up to a length of ov (MORE)