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What was the policy of appeasement?

Appeasement   The common, popular answer is to say that is was an incorrect government policy of giving in to dictatorships in the hope that the dictators would mellow ov (MORE)

How was Hitler appeased?

From1933 to 1939, Britain and France followed a policy of appeasement. In 1933 Hitler wanted to rearm, although forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. At a conference, Hitler (MORE)

Appeasement in a sentence?

The term "appeasement", meaning "diplomatic action which makes  concessions to aggressor-nations", may be used in various ways in a  sentence. One example is as follows: "In (MORE)

What is active appeasement?

Passive appeasement is standing by while someone or something else  gets what they want: Watching and doing nothing while wolves attack  your sheep and kill them. Active app (MORE)

Why did appeasement not work?

Appeasement failed as the free nations prior to the second World War attempted to prevent further German expansion on the continent. Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, knew th (MORE)

What is appeasement and why did it fail?

appeasement is the act of giving into Hitlers demands when they seemed reasonable. The policy of appeasement was used from 1935 to 1938 and is closely linked to the British Pr (MORE)
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What is appeasement?

Appeasement is giving in to a request or demand in order to avoid confrontation. It is the granting of concession in order to maintain peace, or in other words appeasement is (MORE)