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Can an appellate court decision be appealed?

Yes, it can be appealed. All the way to the US Supreme Court if one has the means by which to pay all those hefty fees. Lawyers, court costs, food and lodging, etc.   Th (MORE)

How many federal appellate courts are there?

There are fourteen Article III (constitutional) federal appellate courts: thirteen US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. Supreme Cour (MORE)

What is the function of the appellate court?

An appellate court reviews whether the lower court (where the trial took place) applied the correct body of law to the facts that were adduced, and applied that law correctly. (MORE)

What is the role of an appellate court?

The appellate courts are the courts of appeals. Essentially when a case is heard in a lower court and the defendant, plantiff, attorneys, etc are not happy with a ruling or ou (MORE)

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Are juries used in the Appellate Courts?

Juries are not used in the appellate courts, and the appellate courts are composed solely of judges ("jurists," as they are called, but not jurors). Juries are used in trial (MORE)