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True or false- the two note coda sometimes rendered Ta-dah in musical compositions meant to cue the applause originally had a religious meaning Te Deum To God This was corrupted to Ta Da you?

  It is very likely- Te deum being Latin was somehow corrupted to firstly Ta"Jum, then Ta-Dum and finally Ta-Da! The notion of a closure having a religious angle is not co (MORE)
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What is applause rising talent showcase?

Applause Risibg Talent Showcase is a well respected talent development company that has been around for 20 years. It is one of the country's only family run organizations that (MORE)

What is a round of applause?

Applause is clapping for someone to let them know they have done something good. People often applaud after a play, concert, or performances. As an action, applause takes vari (MORE)