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What do you mean by lossless media?

Any physical medium in which no energy losses occur due to external agents is called a loss less media. Usually, vacuum is assumed to be a loss less media. This is because, t (MORE)

Distinction between lossy and lossless?

  These terms are usually associated with compression. A lossy compression scheme is one where a file is compressed by removing some of the information contained in the (MORE)

Buy Apple Lossless Music Downloads?

Currently you can only purchase iTunes Plus format AAC files from the iTunes store. There only two possible options. Purchase the actual CD and use iTunes to rip it to Apple L (MORE)

How can I export lossless video from Windows Movie Maker. Please help me. I prefer .avi container?

It is possible to export fully uncompressed Audio and Video from Windows Movie Maker, but be forewarned that the file size will be enormous! Windows Movie Maker comes with sev (MORE)

Why was Apple Inc named Apple?

The history about the name of Apple Inc. is Steve gave his team members one day's time to think about a good name of his company otherwise he will put the company name A for A (MORE)

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Which software audio player for Windows produces the highest quality non-distorting sound at any volume when playing lossless formats?

There is very little difference between the 'quality' of most PC software media players. If there is much difference between lossless media players, it normally has more to do (MORE)
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Is LPCM lossless audio?

LPCM, also known as linear pulse-code modulation, is a method that is used for encoding audio information in digital form. It is commonly used for lossless encoding in a compc (MORE)
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What is a lossless transmission line?

A lossless transmission line is when no energy is lost during transmission of energy from a particular source to destination by a certain material, ie. copper wire. In other w (MORE)