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How do you initialize an applet?

Answer . Initialization - this is done once, when the Applet is loaded. The corresponding method's signature is public void init() . This method should initialize the Ap ( Full Answer )
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What are applets?

Applets are small java programs that can be run on our computer and transferred through Internet .They do not have main function.
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What is Lavatron applet?

lavatron is a sport arena light bulb is a kind of is invented by david la velle.lavatron is able to produce the on screen image nd its Sid effects allow i ( Full Answer )
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What is an applet program?

Applets are Java Programs developed for use on the Internet. They provide a means to distribute interesting,dynamic and interactive applications over the World Wide Web.
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What is applet in java?

A Java Applet is basicly a "box" you can put onto your websites. So other people can see your programs...
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Why you have applet?

An applet is a software component that runs in the context of another program, for example a web browser. An applet enables my safari browser to translate certain files (image ( Full Answer )
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What is local applet?

A LOCAL applet is the one which is stored on our computer system.when browser try to access the applet, it is not necessary for our computer to be connected to The Internet.
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What are the disadvantages of applets?

Disadvantages of applets: . Java plug-in is required to run applet . Java applet requires JVM so first time it takes significant startup time . If applet is not already c ( Full Answer )
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What are applets used for?

An spplet is small program typically embedded with in the web page which is used to create dynamic and interactive aplication. They provided interactive features to a web page ( Full Answer )
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What is applet in intranet?

Little programs that can make the Web pages more aesthetically beautiful by means of animation,Text, and graphics moving across the screen.