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What is A and B in appliances?

These are Relative Energy Efficiency (REE) ratings which indicate how much energy they consume to do their jobs as fridges or freezers, washing machines, dryers, etc. relative (MORE)

What are appliances?

They are blenders and microwaves, washer drier dishwasher and coffie makers! Anythign you have to buy and plug in mostly for the kitichen! Hope I helped!
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Where are appliances made?

Appliances are generally made in factories and then sold in appliance stores. Companies, such as SW Appliances, specialize in selling small and major appliances including Ener (MORE)

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What are home appliances?

Here's a partial list: . Washers . Dryers . Dishwashwers . Ovens . Kitchen Ranges . Microwave ovens . Toaster ovens . Toasters . Electric frying pans . Panini pres (MORE)
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What is a maxillary appliance?

It is a fixed, spring-loaded dental instrument using four helix springs, that is designed to expand the maxillary dental arch and widen your upper jaw in corrective dental tre (MORE)

How old can appliances be?

Appliances have differing life spans. Use, maintenance, and quality all factor into the life of an appliance. Age is not a factor particularly.
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