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What is appreciation?

Appreciation is knowing or understanding the value of something. Loosely it also means "assigning a high value to" something. A feeling or expression of gratitude. In ( Full Answer )
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No appreciation from husband?

Appreciation! . Yes, appreciation is hard to come by. Whether it is at work, in your social circles or in your marriage, few persons put out words of appreciation. Most are t ( Full Answer )
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Appreciation of or appreciation for?

Both are appropriate under different circumstances:. "Appreciation for" indicates a love, an understanding, a feeling. He has a great appreciation for impressionist art.. "A ( Full Answer )
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What does appreciative mean?

Appreciative comes from the word appreciate. An appreciative person is pleased with, understands and values the things which they have and also what another person does for th ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have to appreciate litterature?

To appreciate something is to know its value. To know the value of something is to understand it. Literature reflects life: the better we appreciate literature, the more we un ( Full Answer )
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What is Appreciate in Japanese?

感謝する /kan sha su ru/ means 'to appreciate, to be grateful' in Japanese. 評価する /hyou ka su ru/ means 'to appreciate, to value, to savor' ( Full Answer )
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How does jewelry appreciate?

Jewelery appreciates in value over time based on increasing demand for jewelery, because there are more people to buy it. (The world's population increases every century, for ( Full Answer )
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What is an adverb for appreciate?

The adverb form "appreciably" means to a great or noticeableextent. The adverb "appreciatively" is used for the meaning "gratefully."
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Is appreciate an adjective?

No, it's a verb. Appreciative is an adjective. Appreciation is a noun Appreciate is a verb. They always appreciate my help. - verb The are very appreciative. - adj ( Full Answer )
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What is appreciate as an adverb?

One adverb for appreciate is based on the adjective appreciative,and is appreciatively (gratefully). For the related meaning (to gain in value), the adjective isappreciable ( Full Answer )