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How does an electrician apprenticeship work?

An electricians apprentiship works by first you getting one, all electrician unions offer apprentiships here in the us, there are some differences depending on the state. Once (MORE)
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What comes after an apprenticeship?

After an apprenticeship the person may be have to pass a  certification test. After certification they will be licensed to  practice their trade.

What is apprenticeship on job application?

  usually only applies to union jobs nowadays.this is where you agree to be trained in a skill for so long a period of time. usually 3 years. in old days, if you wanted to (MORE)

What is an apprenticeship?

  in most work situations, you work under a journeyman for up to 4 years or less.Basically its working with someone who has experience in the field and will give you a han (MORE)
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What are the four main apprenticeship areas?

Depending on the country, there are differing sectors of  apprenticeship. In Canada, the focus is on construction, industrial  and manufacturing, motive power, and service, (MORE)
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Bhel trichy apprenticeship is useFul or not?

I don't no .bu t its goods know one think i am iti motor mechanic trade. i am not finished act apprentice. i like only do act apprentice in trichy bhel. my date (MORE)