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What is humanistic approach?

person-contered therapy approach Humanistic Approach : emphasizes that each individual has great freedom in directing his/her own future, a large capacity for achi (MORE)
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Bulimia how do you approach it?

Dont approach a person with bulimia , in a group. Don't make them feel like they're completely wrong and alone in doing this, make sure they understand the sevarity of the (MORE)

What is eclectic approach?

eclectic (adjective) means deriving things from a variety of sources. The word 'eclectic' is based on Greek eklegin , to select.. A person with an eclectic taste in music l (MORE)

What is traditional approach?

•Traditional approach : separate data files are created and stored for each application program . •Results in data redundancy: duplication of data in separate files (MORE)

How do you approach girl?

Try to have some confidence. But walk up and start hitting on the girl, try to half a normal conversation with her and if she looks interested in you then start flirting. Try (MORE)

What is the semantic approach?

Semantics is the study of the meaning of words. A semantic approach is one which starts by defining the meaning of the terms of the problem.
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What is a bowling approach?

a bowling approach is the steps a person takes before actually throwing the ball. the approach is also the area that starts at the end of the ball return up to the foul line.