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Symbol for approximately?

I cant make it with the key board, buts its like a wavy "=sign" ...if you look at the key just to the left of the "1" key, it looks like that little squigly mark, but doubled. (MORE)

What is an approximate answer?

An approximate answer is one that is not exact but that is roughly close to exact. It is NOT a guess. A guess could be correct or entirely wrong. An approximate answer is an e (MORE)
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What does approximation mean?

It means to approximate something, and to get an answer that is pretty close to the real answer. So it is kind of like an estimation.
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What is approximation?

An approximation is an estimate or a rough idea. "She approximated the average distance between the two cities."
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What is approximations for pie?

If you are talking about "pi", the math constant related to circles, it is exactly 3.14159265358979. Most people use the approximation of 3.14 in calculating the area of a cir (MORE)
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Is approximated an adjective?

It can be, but only when it means approximate, which can be either  an adjective or a verb. Approximated is the past tense and past  participle of the verb approximate (to e (MORE)

What is the approximate of the sun?

The sun has many measurable features, which include distance from the Earth, diameter, weight, brightness, temperature. You need to say what you are asking about.
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