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What is approximate rhyme?

A term used for words in a rhyming pattern that have some kind of sound correspondence but are not perfect rhymes. Words that are similar in sound but do not rhyme exactly. (MORE)
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What does approximate mean?

It means that your answer has to be times by ten, for example if i had: 6 x 3 = 18 an approximate would be : 6 x 3 = 18 but 18 x 10 18 x 10 = 180
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What is an approximate answer?

An approximate answer is one that is not exact but that is roughly close to exact. It is NOT a guess. A guess could be correct or entirely wrong. An approximate answer is an e (MORE)
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What is approximation?

An approximation is an estimate or a rough idea. "She approximated the average distance between the two cities."
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Is approximately a verb?

"Approximately" is an adverb, not a verb. As an adverb it can modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb. A verb expresses action (such as "run") or a state of being (such (MORE)