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Can you get married at the US embassy in Qatar?

No, the US embassy does not porform marriages nor reconize them in the US. But on the US embassy of QA website they do give you a list of christan churchs that you can get mar (MORE)

Is there a Syria consulate embassy in manila?

Yes there is a Syrian Honorary Consulate in Makati - Manila You can call this number to get the address direction +632-8453041 or you can take a taxi to the following addre (MORE)

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Does the ambassador live in the embassy?

According to my knowledge no he dosent he lives in a house that the country he or she works for supplies for him (Only if overseas) if he is in his or her state then he/she ha (MORE)
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If you were born on April 4 1983 how old are you?

You turn 30 on April 4, 1913, 31 on April 4, 2014, 32 on April 4,  2015, etc.   Every year on April 4, you add ' 1 ' to your age.    Note that this will require th (MORE)