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Where is the embassy in Saudi?

The embassies of most countries are situated in the capital city Riyadh, and that of your country can probably be found in Riyadh. Many embassies also have consular offices in (MORE)

What is a U bomb?

A U-Bomb was believed to be an Atomic (fission explosion) or Hydrogen (fusion explosion) Bomb with a Uranium Casing. The casing was supposedly made of U-238, residual uranium (MORE)

In April of 1942 bomber planes led by the pilot James Doolittle bombed?

The Doolittle Raid was a bombing mission that was led by Lieutenant  Colonel James Doolittle. The raid took place on April 18th, 1942 as  specially modified B-25 "Mitchell" (MORE)
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If you were born on April 4 1983 how old are you?

You turn 30 on April 4, 1913, 31 on April 4, 2014, 32 on April 4,  2015, etc.   Every year on April 4, you add ' 1 ' to your age.    Note that this will require th (MORE)

What is an embassy cable?

Embassy cables are a formal term for (almost always confidential)  diplomatic messages sent from an embassy to the foreign ministry  (or department) of the embassy's parent (MORE)