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Is the longest of earth cycles its rotation revolution or precession?

The Earth rotates in 23 hours, 56 minutes, about 1 day. It revolves around the Sun in one year, or 365.24 days. The precession of the Earth's spin axis takes about 26,800 ye (MORE)

What is Axial precession?

Axial precession is a word commonly used in astronomy. Axial  precession is defined as being a gravity induced change that takes  place during an astronomical bodyâ??s rota (MORE)

The ecliptic precession?

The "precession of the ecliptic" is a slow change in the orientation of the plane of the ecliptic (the Earth's orbital plane). This is not caused by the slow "wobble" of the E (MORE)

How does precession affect the earth?

Precession causes the direction that the north and south pole point to shift. The Earth has a period of precession of about 25,772 Julian years, or about 20 minutes per sidere (MORE)