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What is the name of the aquifer?

There is more than one. Here are a few examples: Madison Edwards Magothy High Plains (Ogallala) Dakota Tongue River Floridian
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Aquifer in a sentence?

Under the state of Oklahoma lies one of the world's biggest AQUIFERS in the United Sates, that's where 70% of their water comes from.
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What is a stratified aquifer?

It is where a layer of underground water is sandwiched between layers of sediment and rock.
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What are example of an aquifer?

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Aquifer is a source of what?

Aquifer is a source of groundwater. Aquifer Aquifer is an underground layer of water trapped in porous rocks or collected in between loosely gathered gravel, sand or si ( Full Answer )
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Why is the aquifer important?

Aquifers are important because they provide a source of clean,filtered water. They use sand and soil to naturally filter water asit is collected.
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What specifically is an aquifer?

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What is a cohansey aquifer?

It is one that drains into a river and eventually the ocean. Named after a river in New Jersey.
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What is aquifer discharge?

Aquifer discharge will usually manofest itself as a spring. The water will have minerals dissolved in it which improves the taste.
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Do aquifers get polluted?

They can. One of the most common types of aquifer pollution iscaused by saltwater intrusion as freshwater is extracted.