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How did Eleanor of Aquitaine influence politics?

Eleanor I'm actually not sure how she influenced politics, but I know she was quen to to kings and mother of two kings, this might help.
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Who was Eleanor of aquitaine?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most formidable and impressive women in Europe during the Middle Ages (lived 1122 - 1204). She was the Duchess of Aquitaine (in modern-day ( Full Answer )
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Is aquitaine a republic?

The Republic of Aquitaine is a sovereign and independent nation. It was formerly situated in the southwestern region of France, however, today the Republic of Aquitaine is a g ( Full Answer )
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What is a tradition of Aquitaine?

One tradition is that on December 6, Saint Nicholas comes to schools and gives nuts oranges and chocolate out to the children. You can find out more at the link below:
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What are the accomplishments of Eleanor of Aquitaine?

She changed the way people thought about women in her time and ruled over most of Europe She gave birth to hella kids She only gave birth to 8 children
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Where is Aquitaine?

Modern Aquitaine, a province of France, is in the southwesterncorner of France - it borders the Bay of Biscay and Spain.Aquitaine through history ruled an area that was often ( Full Answer )
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Where was Eleanor of aquitaine from?

Aquitaine is part of France. Bayonne lies within this province! No not the one in Hudson County.
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Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine-?

Elanor of Aquitaine was a very powerful Duchess in the Middle Ages.She was a part of the Ramnulfid dynasty.