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Who are the Arabs?

Arabs are an Semitic people, Arabs are the people who came from Yemen and lived around Arabian peninsula and Levant also Maghreb and egypt......there are three different of Ar (MORE)

What is an Arab?

An Arab is anyone from an Arab (Middle Eastern) country or has any Middle Eastern blood in them. Egyptians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Saudi Arabians, Kuwaitis, and many more. An e (MORE)

What is Arabic?

Arabic is a language spoken by middle east people and north Africa al of north Africa like morocco, Algeria , libiya, Tunisia, Egypt ........... middle east: Saudi Arabia, K (MORE)
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What am i to you in Arabic?

مذا امثّل بالنسبة اليك ؟ maatha umathilu binnisbati ilayka (adressing a man) maatha umathilu binnisbati ilayki (adressing a woman)
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What is 'where' in Arabic?

It's "أين" pronounced "ain" or "aina" as in "أين الفندق؟" which, pronounced " Aina al-funduq", means "Where's the hotel?"
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Can you in Arabic?

hello I'm sabah if you went to say can you in Arabic you say; hel tastatih and we write it like this ; هل تستطيع ex can you help me in arabe ; hel tastatih mousaadati (MORE)

What is Arabic about?

Arabic is the first language of 22 + countries known as the Arab countries. they are basically some in the middle east, gulf countries and west africa. Also it is the langua (MORE)