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Where is the Arabic language spoken?

These are the countries where Arabic is the main, or the sole, spoken language: Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine (Gaza Str (MORE)

What is the origin of Arabic language?

The Arabic language is a very ancient language, to the point that makes some language-experts claime that it's the mother of all languages in the world and that they are all d (MORE)

Is the Turkish language close to the Arabic language?

No. Turkish has numerous loanwords from Arabic, but does not use Arabic grammar, Arabic base-words, Arabic letters (such as gutturals or emphatics), and retains many unique, A (MORE)

How old is the Arabic language?

The earliest surviving texts in Proto-Arabic, or Ancient North Arabian, are the Hasaean inscriptions of eastern Saudi Arabia, from the 8th century BC, written not in the moder (MORE)

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Why was the Arabic language created?

The Arabic language is one of several semitic languages (e.g.  Hebrew, Aramaic, Moabite) that originated together thousands of  years ago.   It was not "created"; it is (MORE)