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What is the meaning of arbab in Arabic language?

Arbab has several meaning depending on the text around it and the sentence it is used in. Arbab most of the times is the plural of "rab" which means a god. Arbab means the g (MORE)

Is the Turkish language close to the Arabic language?

No. Turkish has numerous loanwords from Arabic, but does not use Arabic grammar, Arabic base-words, Arabic letters (such as gutturals or emphatics), and retains many unique, A (MORE)

When start Arabic language?

Arabic is a name for what are traditionally considered the  descendants of the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century.  This includes both the literary language and va (MORE)

Who is father of Arabic language?

Khaldun MY VIEW: I've done tons of research on Arab culture and history, it's probably one of my most favorite cultures, better than my own, Filipino. From what I'm seeing, Ya (MORE)

Is Arabic a modern language?

There are many forms of Arabic spoken in the Middle East, but Arabic as a written language does not vary at all from society to society: written Arabic is referred to as Class (MORE)

How do you read Arabic language?

It is very hard, but you read it from right to left, and it is a completely different alphabet. The arabic alphabet consists of 28 'letters', and you write them differently de (MORE)