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How is Pauline written in Arabic script?

It is important to note that Arabic does not have the letter "p", so the word is pronounced "Bao-leen" (باولين). Farsi and Pashto (which use the same script) do have a " (MORE)

What is the script to Charlie the Unicorn 1?

Purple Unicorn: Hey, Charlie Hey Charlie wake up Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie, You silly sleepy head wake up! Charlie: Oh god you guys. This better be pretty freakin importa (MORE)

What are the Arabic number from 1-100's?

1 wahed 11 eedash 21 wahdowishreen 31 wahdowtlateen 2 taneen 12 tnush 22 tanenowishreen 32 tnenowtlateen 3 talateh 13 taletash 23 taletowishreen 33 tlatowtlateen 4 arbaa (MORE)

What are some uses for Arabic script?

Arabic script is used for both writing and calligraphy. It was the  predominant form of artwork in the Pre-Modern Islamic World.
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Who are the Arabs?

Arabs are an Semitic people, Arabs are the people who came from Yemen and lived around Arabian peninsula and Levant also Maghreb and egypt......there are three different of Ar (MORE)

What is an Arab?

An Arab is anyone from an Arab (Middle Eastern) country or has any Middle Eastern blood in them. Egyptians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Saudi Arabians, Kuwaitis, and many more. An e (MORE)