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What is an Arachnid?

  The arachnids, Arachnida, are a class of invertebrate animals in the subphylum Chelicerata. Arachnids are named for the mythological figure Arachne.They are chiefly te (MORE)

Is a lobster an arachnid?

No, it isn't.   Although lobsters belong to a different subphylum than Arachnida. Lobsters are 10-legged (including the claws) Crustaceans, unlike the 8-legged spiders, t (MORE)

Where do Arachnids live?

Arachnids are animals like spiders,ticks and different types of crabs so they live mostly on land since spider and ticks cant breath under water

What is the largest arachnid?

It depends on what you mean by "largest". As far as weight, the  heaviest known current arachnid is the Theraphosa blondi (Goliath  bird eating spider) of South America. As (MORE)

What makes an arachnid an arachnid?

Arachnids generally share the following traits: eight legs, two  body segments, no antenna or wings, have a chelicerae and  pedipaips. There are a few species of mites that (MORE)
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What is the deadliest arachnid?

Sand spider of Africa no. 1 Banana Spider of South America no. 2 Recluse, hobo & it's cousin's 3d, followed by other more common ones.
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How does a arachnids eat?

Arachnids eat using there giant teeth, they open like spring stretch and release it, so they open there mouth and suck the insect's juice the most they suck is fly. scorpion a (MORE)