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Is a flea an arachnid?

  No, fleas are members of the class Insecta, rather than the class Arachnida. Both classes are members of the phylum Arthropoda, which means 'jointed foot' and is also (MORE)

Is a octopus an arachnid?

  No. An octopus is of the class Cephalopoda. An easy distinction: Although classes are marked by having eight legs/arms, one of the qualifying characteristics of an ara (MORE)

Is a lobster an arachnid?

No, it isn't.   Although lobsters belong to a different subphylum than Arachnida. Lobsters are 10-legged (including the claws) Crustaceans, unlike the 8-legged spiders, t (MORE)

Are worms arachnid?

  No, worms are invertebrates, meaning they have no backbones, while arachnids are the spiders, mites and scorpions.
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How do arachnids reproduce?

  Arachnids or spiders reproduce sexually.First off the spider lays its egg and then after laying them she spins them up with the web she weaved.Then keeps them there for (MORE)

Are fleas arachnids?

  Nope -- Fleas are Insecta, Order Siphonaptera. Arachnidae is mostly spiders, scopions and ticks.
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What is an Arachnid?

  The arachnids, Arachnida, are a class of invertebrate animals in the subphylum Chelicerata. Arachnids are named for the mythological figure Arachne.They are chiefly te (MORE)

What are arachnids eaten by?

Arachnids surprisingly,as from what I know,you may want a second opinion,actually keep their population in check by themselves,I know for a fact that the daddy long legs spide (MORE)