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What is Aramaic?

  Aramaic is a Semitic language, related to Hebrew. It originated in the kingdom of Aram in modern Syria and was later adopted by the Persians as their unifying administra (MORE)

Where is aramaic spoken?

Modern Aramaic that is spoken today, known as Neo-Aramaic, represents a number of Aramaic languages that have splintered off and evolved separately in small alcoves and villag (MORE)

What does Aramaic mean?

Aramaic is the name of a Semitic language closely related to Hebrew. Aramaic spread throughout the Near East, but has been found as far afield as India, China, and North Afric (MORE)

What country is Aramaic?

The Aramaic culture (Arameans) did not have a unified culture, but they mainly lived in an area that today is called Syria. The Aramaic language, however, was spoken all ove (MORE)

How do you write Aramaic?

It depends on whether you are asking how to write the word Aramaic  with Aramaic letters, or what alphabet is utilized in the writing  of the Aramaic language.    If (MORE)

Is Aramaic Greek?

No, Aramaic is a West Semitic language similar to Hebrew, spoken by the Jews in the era of Jesus. You find it in the New Testament when Jesus says "Father why have you forsake (MORE)

What is the aramaic word for are?

The verb "to be" does not have a present-tense conjugation in Aramaic: "am", "is", and "are" are implied by context.
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