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Will Arans be the best job in Maplestory?

If you have tried an Aran, you will know that arans have a very low damage rate at the beggining. But once you get to 2nd job and level 45, you learn a skill called Combo Smas (MORE)

How do you make your second job advancement on your aran in Maplestory?

You go back to Rien, talk to Maha, the spirit of the giant pole  arm. (He's the yellow guy standing beside it.) Then talk to Lilin,  she'll tell you to go to "Mirror Cave" g (MORE)
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Where could you purchase a Plush Samus Aran?

You usually need to make them yourself. There are a few arts and  crafts websites that may have what you are looking for.  You can try looking on eBay, or even better is Ets (MORE)
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How old is Samus Aran?

samus aran is around her 30s.I did research and it said she was 32 years old.
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Who would win Master Chief or Samus Aran in a fight to the death?

Samus has better training than Chief, better weapons than Chief, has unlimited ammo on most of them, is stronger than chief, has armor that Chief can not dream to imagine to s (MORE)

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